WePromo will contact Suppliers on members’ behalf to announce Membership and initiate discounts. Member purchases with suppliers will be credited to the members membership. Member will accept solicitations from WePromo Suppliers.

WePromo Members must set up their own accounts with Suppliers. WePromo Membership in no way guarantees the Member an account with any supplier.

Please list all franchise names and separate business names with the application to be eligible for discounts under each name.

The Member agrees to pay for products and services received in accordance with terms set forth by each Supplier. Late payments to a Supplier may be cause for termination of membership.

Termination may also occur should Member not purchase from WePomo suppliers.

WePromo is not responsible for changes in  Supplier Pricing or terms of sale. Terms and condition(s) of sale are made at the sole discretion of the Supplier.

For high annual usage or bids, additional discounts may apply.

Price lists for our members are provided by Suppliers as a courtesy and uploaded on the member website as received. Please verify pricing before submitting a bid or placing an order with the Supplier to make certain all information is current and accurate.

The laws of the state of South Carolina shall govern this Agreement.