Privacy and Confidentiality


Any business information provided by the Member, including but not limited to information relating to the volume of a product and/or service currently being used by the Member, the price which is paid for the products and/or services, a reasonable forecast of future purchases of a product and/or service, quality and service derived from a current Supplier, and other similar data will be held in strict confidence.

WePromo will respect your privacy and keep your private and business information confidential.  We appreciate the same when it comes to the discounts and terms the suppliers give us and our members.  Please do not share details of the discounts and perks our suppliers give you – this is part of our agreement with suppliers and your agreement with us.

Emails and other member information will not be sold and will only be used to inform formal WePromo partners as required and necessary.  WePromo agrees to make all partners work within non-disclosure agreements regarding such information.